Dream Vacations: 5 Places We’d Love To Go This Summer

It’s summer vacation time! What’s your vacation style–road trip or cruise? City or nature? Carefully scheduled or go with the flow? Here are five dream destinations we’ve been eyeing:

bora bora

Bora Bora. A scuba diver’s dream, this small South Pacific island is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, and anchored by a dormant volcano (Mt. Otemanu) at its center. You can even stay in a bungalow that sits over the water on stilts!

cape cod

Cape Cod, MA. Boasting a rich maritime history, Cape Cod is a storied summer retreat for vacationers hailing from the Northeast and beyond. Just 3o miles south is the quaint seaport town of Nantucket, whose late-18th and early-19th century architecture (along with its pristine beaches) makes it a magical place for strolling.


Ireland. Castles, cliffs, countryside, and neighborhood pub culture put the Emerald Isle at the top of our list of dream destinations. Steak and Guinness pie, anyone?


South Africa. Go on safari; eat, drink, shop, and museum-hop in Cape Town and Johannesburg; go hiking, biking, or kayaking; drive the Garden Route or take a luxury train ride on the Blue Train or Rovos Rail–there is so much to do in South Africa!


San Francisco, CA. San Francisco boasts gorgeous vistas, eclectic neighborhoods, incredible dining, and a thriving art scene. Ride a cable car, hole up in a cozy cafe, and take a stroll through Golden Gate Park. For a nature fix like no other, take a day trip to nearby Yosemite National Park.

Of course, wherever we travel, we always rely on our Smartphone Pockets to keep our phones, cards, cash, and keys on-hand and secure! Where are you headed this summer? If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?


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Soak Up The Sun (But Not The UV Rays)

beach scene

We love the lazy days of summer and all the possibilities they hold: beach vacations, sitting by (or splashing in!) the pool, picnics in the park, and more. But by now everyone knows that sun protection is critical to safely enjoying all the extra time spent outside. Here are five ways to stay safe in the sun this summer.

Clothing. Covering up may be the last thing you want to do on a hot summer day, but clothing is our first and best line of defense against harmful UV rays. When packing for a trip to the beach, throw in a flow-y linen shirt or dress to cover up with when not in the water, or invest in a pretty cover-up. Some fabrics have UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) labels–a shirt with a UPF rating of 50, for example, lets 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays reach the skin. (Make sure your clothes have a Smartphone Pocket to keep your smartphone safe, secure, and sand-free!)

Sunscreen. You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth saying again: don’t skimp on sunscreen. When choosing a sunscreen, look for three things: 1) an SPF of 15 or higher, 2) the term “broad-spectrum,” which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and 3) water-resistance.

Hat. Visors are fine, baseball caps are better, but the best kind of hat to wear in the sun is a big, floppy, wide brimmed hat like one of these.

Sunglasses. Don’t forget to protect your eyes! Over time, the sun can cause serious damage to eyes and eyelids, including eyelid cancers, intraocular melanoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. When choosing sunglasses, look for 1) UV protection (ideally 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light; even better if they also block HEV light), 2) lenses large enough to cover your eye and the area around it; 3) polarized lenses to eliminate glare.

Shade. Beach umbrellas, trees with dense foliage, structures that offer covered areas–all of these can offer some respite from the sun’s harmful rays, but often we are not as safe in the shade as we might think. UVB rays can reach the skin indirectly, and not all shade is equally protective (average-sized beach umbrellas, for example, are actually not very effective at blocking the sun’s rays). If you want to seek shade, go ahead, but use it along with the measures listed above for maximum sun protection.

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Bottle It Up: 5 Favorite Reusable Water Bottles

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is essential to enjoying summer (or any season) in a healthy way. Carrying a reusable bottle is a great habit to get into, but how to choose the one that’s right for you? To make the choice a little easier, here are five of our favorites:


Klean Kanteen: One of the first stainless steel options to hit the market back in the early 2000’s, the Klean Kanteen now comes in a variety of styles with options for different mouth openings. Rounded corners make the bottles easy to clean and an electropolished interior ensures the metal won’t retain flavors.


S’well: These beautifully-crafted bottles’ claim to fame is that they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. They even hold carbonation! Made of non-toxic, non-leaching stainless steel, S’well bottles come in lots of colors and finishes.


Nalgene: A popular option among those who prefer plastic bottles. BPA-free and virtually indestructible, Nalgenes even come in a 32-ounce size for the extra thirsty.


Camelbak: The first Camelbak was created by a competitive cyclist back in 1989 and consisted of an IV bag filled with water and stuffed into a tube sock. Today, the bottles are available in plastic, stainless steel, glass, filtering, and insulated options. (P.S. Wondering how much water you should be drinking each day? Use their clever hydration calculator to find out.)


Lifefactory: A lovely glass version housed in a pretty and protective silicone sleeve. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes, citrus slices, or tea bags. Also great for smoothies!


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Smartphone Pockets in the Press


A big thanks to Erin and Jenn at Fit Bottomed Mamas and Fit Bottomed Girls for reviewing the Smartphone Pocket! Here’s what Erin had to say after trying them out:

“It’s annoying always misplacing my phone, having to tuck it into my waistband and hope for the best, or stowing it in my sports bra. But now a super simple yet genius product lets you create pockets where you need them….I got a couple of Smartphone Pockets to try, and it took longer for me to heat up my iron than it did for me to affix one to the right spot….It fits most smartphones and was perfect for mine. It lies flat and looks discreet, too.”

We’re so glad you liked the Smartphone Pocket, Erin! If you’d like, head over to Fit Bottomed Mamas and Fit Bottomed Girls for fun, informative posts on fitness, healthy eating, wellness, and parenting.




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How I Use My Smartphone Pocket


We always love hearing from customers about how their Smartphone Pockets make their everyday lives more convenient. So we were thrilled when L.A., a P.E. teacher and mom of two, agreed to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to us.

How many children to do you have?

Two girls, ages 5 and 8.

Tell us about your job. 

I’m a Physical Education teacher. I love encouraging kiddos to live healthy lifestyles, and getting them moving all while teaching them about leadership and cooperation. Bonus: It’s outdoors!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Monday and Wednesday are teach P.E., followed by gymnastics and dance for my girls. Tuesday is work around the house/go on field trips/catch up with friends/FINALLY respond to emails and texts! Thursday and Friday are homeschool days.

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing as a family?

Just being outside. My girls are almost to the age where family bike rides are in our near future. Playing board games, doing puzzles.  Camping and going to the beach!

Where and when do you use your Smartphone Pockets?

I wear them in my P.E. teaching shorts, which I work outside in the yard in, too. It’s nice to have a pocket to put my phone in while doing those things. Makes my day-to-day life more convenient!

Thank you, L.A.!

How do your Smartphone Pockets make your day-to-day life easier? Contact us to let us know!



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Smartphone Pockets In The Press

fb cover

We are grateful to Tony at On Target Fitness Product Reviews for reviewing the Smartphone Pocket! Here’s what he had to say:

“I opened my SmartPhone Pocket and after about 3 minutes I had installed it on the inside of a hoodie.  Installation was quick and easy, requiring an iron and a hardish surface.  The pocket seems to be secured snugly and isn’t giving any indication that it’s going to give up any time soon. The pocket is large enough to accommodate an iPhone 5 inside an Otterbox case pretty easily, so that’s pretty impressive….I don’t think this is going to replace specialized gear, but for a cheap easy way to haul around a phone\drivers license\or a couple bucks this is a really neat little idea.”

Read the rest of his review here, if you’d like. Thanks again and enjoy your Smartphone Pocket, Tony!

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Smartphone Pockets In The Press


Recently the team at Outnumbered 3-1 was kind enough to review the Smartphone Pocket! Here’s what blogger Danielle had to say about this smartphone accessory:

As with most people that own smartphones, my phone is always in tow no matter where I go. Whether I’m taking my son to school, going out on a jog, or just hanging out around the house, my phone is with me. Unfortunately, I lose my phone a lot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call my cellphone from my house phone to find it. I also tend to drop it a lot, especially when out running or exercising at the gym. I’ve tried a few different methods for holding my phone, but they’re either bulky, uncomfortable, or don’t offer easy access. With Smartphone Pockets, I have access to my phone any time and it’s in my own clothes so I don’t have to wear any extra accessory. “

Read the rest of the review here (and enter the giveaway while there’s still time!). Many thanks to Danielle and everyone at Outnumbered 3-1!

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Smartphone Pockets In The Press


Recently we were thrilled to be featured on The Mommyhood Chronicles! Check out what Melissa had to say about the Smartphone Pocket:

“I had a wonderful experience with the Smartphone Pocket. It took no time at all to iron it onto my yoga pants, and it was a wonderfully safe and secure storage option for my run. I would highly recommend the Smartphone Pocket to any person with an active lifestyle. You can’t beat the combination of ease, simplicity, durability, and safety.”

Read her entire review here (and enter the giveaway, if you’d like!). Thanks, Melissa!


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Real Food For Runners


Have you seen The Runner’s World Cookbook? It’s packed with delicious-looking healthy recipes, many of which come together in under 30 minutes. Plus, good news: you can try out 10 of the recipes for free here! We’re eyeing the Thai Beef and Snow Pea Stir Fry and the Spicy Fish Tacos With Pineapple Slaw. And the Coconut Almond Energy Bars would make a satisfying on-the-go snack (you could probably even fit one in a Smartphone Pocket, although we wouldn’t recommend it:).

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Highs and Lows: The Smartphone Pocket Height Adjuster


One of the most unique features of the Smartphone Pocket is a Velcro tab inside that allows you to set the height level of your phone.

Want to listen to music or a podcast while you work out? Stick the tab together–the pocket will instantly become shallow enough to let your smartphone extend above your waistline.

Want to tuck your smartphone completely inside the pocket? Just push your phone down through the Velcro–the tab will disengage (read: un-stick) and allow your phone to rest securely inside the Smartphone Pocket.

Don’t love the height adjuster? No problem! We’ve included a small Velcro patch in every package–to disengage the height adjuster, simply place the patch over the “hook” side of the Velcro and you’ll never even know it’s there!


Smartphone Pockets are available on Amazon in packs of 1, 2, and 3.

We love hearing from customers! Contact us to let us know how you’re using your Smartphone Pockets.

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