Get Smart This School Year: 6 Back-To-School Organizing Tips

Close-up of colorful pieces of chalk put in form of house on blackboard

The summer is flying by (or perhaps it feels like it’s crawling?), and soon it will be time for another school year to start. Success at school starts with organization at home. Here are six simple ways get smarter at home this school year:

Get (And Use) A Family Calendar. Keep track of after-school activities, special events and field trips, even what’s for dinner. Get your hands on the school calendar as soon as possible and transfer all those dates (school breaks, teacher planning days, early release days) into the family calendar.

Post A Morning Checklist. This should include all the things that need to be done before it’s time to leave in the morning. For young children, add pictures to illustrate tasks like “Wake Up,” “Brush Teeth,” “Get Dressed,” “Eat Breakfast,” and “Get Your Backpack.” You can even include a picture showing what the clock looks like at the time you need to be walking out the door.

Hold Family Meetings Once A Week. Sunday night is a great time for this. Have everyone sit down for 15 minutes to go over everyone’s schedule and responsibilities for the week. This not only keeps all family members on the same page, but prevents unnecessary stressors like missed pick-up times, unpacked lunches, unmet expectations…the list goes on.

Use A Central Message Board. This could be a giant corkboard, or an oil-drain-pan-turned-magnet-board like this one. Use it to post everything from notes and reminders to artwork and A+ spelling tests!

Store Homework Supplies On A Pegboard. Pegboards are perfect for storing school supplies–there’s a place for everything, and everything is in sight (no more frustrated rummaging through overstuffed drawers or boxes!). Check out this, this, and this for inspiration.

Keep Borrowed Books In A Designated Place. Whether it’s a shelf, rack, or basket, keep a special space for library books and books that go to and from school (like your 1st grader’s early reader books). This way you won’t be digging through all of your other books to find them on the day they are due.

Of course, your Smartphone Pocket will keep your phone on hand and secure all school year long–at least that’s one thing you won’t need to worry about keeping track of! 🙂 What are your tried-and-true tips for school year organization?

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