Health News Roundup: The Latest Happenings in Health and Wellness

Computer and Book

In a reading mood? You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a few of today’s top health and wellness stories:

A new study suggests that electronic screen addiction is having an alarming effect on children. How to curb it? Say no to screens yourself. (via NYT) (How to keep your phone securely out of sight when spending time with your kids? Leave it in your Smartphone Pocket!)

Apparently, eating fast food may not be worse for you than eating in a sit-down restaurant. (Cooking at home is still your best bet!) (via WebMD)

On a related note, how to stop stress eating. (via CNN)

5 tricks for treating a sunburn (in case you missed our sun protection tips!). (via CNN)

Don’t look or feel your age? This might be why. (via Fox News)

What drowning really looks like, and how to rescue someone who’s drowning. (via Slate and Today Health)

What are you reading these days? We’d love to know!




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