Highs and Lows: The Smartphone Pocket Height Adjuster


One of the most unique features of the Smartphone Pocket is a Velcro tab inside that allows you to set the height level of your phone.

Want to listen to music or a podcast while you work out? Stick the tab together–the pocket will instantly become shallow enough to let your smartphone extend above your waistline.

Want to tuck your smartphone completely inside the pocket? Just push your phone down through the Velcro–the tab will disengage (read: un-stick) and allow your phone to rest securely inside the Smartphone Pocket.

Don’t love the height adjuster? No problem! We’ve included a small Velcro patch in every package–to disengage the height adjuster, simply place the patch over the “hook” side of the Velcro and you’ll never even know it’s there!


Smartphone Pockets are available on Amazon in packs of 1, 2, and 3.

We love hearing from customers! Contact us to let us know how you’re using your Smartphone Pockets.

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