How I Use My Smartphone Pocket


We always love hearing from customers about how their Smartphone Pockets make their everyday lives more convenient. So we were thrilled when L.A., a P.E. teacher and mom of two, agreed to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to us.

How many children to do you have?

Two girls, ages 5 and 8.

Tell us about your job. 

I’m a Physical Education teacher. I love encouraging kiddos to live healthy lifestyles, and getting them moving all while teaching them about leadership and cooperation. Bonus: It’s outdoors!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Monday and Wednesday are teach P.E., followed by gymnastics and dance for my girls. Tuesday is work around the house/go on field trips/catch up with friends/FINALLY respond to emails and texts! Thursday and Friday are homeschool days.

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing as a family?

Just being outside. My girls are almost to the age where family bike rides are in our near future. Playing board games, doing puzzles.  Camping and going to the beach!

Where and when do you use your Smartphone Pockets?

I wear them in my P.E. teaching shorts, which I work outside in the yard in, too. It’s nice to have a pocket to put my phone in while doing those things. Makes my day-to-day life more convenient!

Thank you, L.A.!

How do your Smartphone Pockets make your day-to-day life easier? Contact us to let us know!



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