Installation Instructions

Wash your garment and let it dry completely. Do not use fabric softener.
Decide where to place your Smartphone Pocket. Use the enclosed clips to try out different locations inside your waistband.
Mark the spot you like best. Then, remove the Smartphone Pocket and clips.
Locate “Peel Here!” on the back of your Smartphone Pocket and remove the protective paper covering the adhesive.
Heat your iron to a high (cotton) setting. Do not use steam.
For 5 seconds, iron the spot you marked inside your waistband.
Place the adhesive portion of the Smartphone Pocket, facing down, exactly where you want the pocket to be placed.
For 90 SECONDS, iron the top of the Smartphone Pocket (adhesive portion facing down). Wait until the pocket is cooled completely, then the Smartphone Pocket is ready to use. Enjoy!

*NOTE: The adhesive is very effective for most fabrics. However, the adhesive is not as effective on 100% cotton (i.e. denim). If you are ironing your
Smartphone Pocket into a 100% cotton garment, you may want to sew the pocket into place after ironing.