How To Pack Like A Pro


Everyone looks forward to vacation, but let’s face it: packing is a chore, especially if you’re packing for an extended stay, an overseas trip, or for lots of (little) people! Here are five tried-and-true ways to make the process as painless as possible:

Make A List. Do this before you start packing and it will make the process worlds easier. Creating categories like “clothing,” “toiletries,” and “tech” can help you organize your list and minimize the chance of forgetting something. If you have small kids, include categories for “eating” (snacks, sippy cups), “sleeping” (pack n play, favorite teddy bear), and “entertainment” (books, toys, etc.). When you’re done, file it away to use before your next vacation!

Stick To A Color Scheme. Pack outfits in one color scheme, like black and white, shades of blue, or earth tones. Afraid you’ll get bored? Accessorize with pops of color–a belt, scarf, and jewelry will keep things interesting while taking up much less space.

Plan To Re-Wear. Choose pieces that can do double duty. A sundress dressed up with a denim jacket and cute sandals for a casual dinner can become a beach cover-up the next day.

Roll Your Clothes. Knits and denims can be rolled instead of folded, saving space and preventing wrinkles. (Another pro tip for tackling wrinkles: pack a mini steamer!)

Don’t Forget The Things…That Are Easy To Forget. These are different for everyone, but often include medicine, a good book, a hat, Q-tips, hand sanitizer, and phone charger. (Of course, your phone will be tucked securely into your Smartphone Pocket, so no need to worry about forgetting that!). Another oft-forgotten essential when packing for a summer trip: a sweater or jacket. Easy to forget if you’re bound for the tropics, but you will wish you had one when shivering in a chilly airport or hotel!


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