How To Stay Active In Winter


It’s cold out there! Plummeting temps can make it tough to get out of bed, much less stick to an exercise regimen (although it hasn’t stopped these frozen-faced runners!). Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay active in winter:

Exercise in the Morning
Face it: when cold weather sets in, all you want to do at the end of a long day is get cozy on the couch, not work out. As hard as it may be, exercising in the morning energizes you for the day ahead and checks it off your list so that you can relax at night. (Plus, it may help you lose more weight.)

Walk The Mall
Need to get out of the house? Head to the nearest mall and take a brisk walk around the whole thing. Climb the stairs, too!

Take The Stairs: Again and Again
Walking or running up and down the stairs in your house or apartment building is a great way to get a cardio workout and build leg strength.

Living Room Dance Party
This one works well if you’ve got kids who are sick of being stuck inside. Just crank up some favorite tunes and dance away! “Exergames” like Wii Boxing are another fun way to get everyone moving.

Home Workouts
Pop in a DVD, search YouTube for an aerobics workout, or try this strength-building routine that can be done anywhere.

Indoor Sports
Check your local community centers for sports teams, and sign up to play basketball, tennis, indoor football or soccer. You’ll get a great workout and may even meet some new friends.

Take A Class
Try a yoga, Pilates, or dance class–from Pure Barre to Zumba, you’re sure to find one that’s your speed and style.

Who says you have to wait for summer? Head to local indoor pool and dive in!

Try a Winter Sport
Of course, there’s something to be said for embracing winter and all it has to offer. Ice skating, skiing, and snowshoeing are all great ways to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. And you can always head inside for hot chocolate afterwards!





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