Smart Snacking: Healthy and Delicious On-The-Go Eats

Vegetable sandwich

So much of living healthfully comes down to planning ahead. With that in mind, here are five healthy, satisfying on-the-go snacks that will keep you prepared for when hunger strikes at work, in the car, or in front of the cookie aisle:

Veggies, Crackers, or Mini Pitas with Hummus. Baby carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, broccoli, sliced cucumbers, green beans, and sugar snap peas all make great companions to your favorite hummus. Of course, so do whole wheat crackers and tiny pitas.

Granola Bars. Sure, the packaged variety will do the trick, but a homemade granola bar tastes so much better! We recommend giving these 5-Ingredient Granola Bars, these Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars, or these Blueberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Granola Bars a try. Mix up a batch at the beginning of the week and freeze individually.

Hard-Boiled Eggs. These are easy to make at the beginning of the week and store in the fridge. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, paprika, or for a kick, a dollop of Sriracha.

Graham Crackers + Peanut Butter + Fruit. A crunchy, creamy combination that will satisfy your sweet tooth in one small serving. Spread graham crackers with peanut butter (or chocolate hazelnut spread, if you’re feeling fancy) and top with sliced fruit, like strawberries or bananas.

Popcorn. Go for the less-fat versions of this classic and you’ve got a low-calorie snack that counts as a serving of whole grains. Topping ideas (in addition to salt, of course!): shredded Parmesan, crushed kale chips, or chili powder + lime zest.

What are your go-to snacks when you’re on-the-go?



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