Smartphone Pockets In The Press

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We are grateful to Tony at On Target Fitness Product Reviews for reviewing the Smartphone Pocket! Here’s what he had to say:

“I opened my SmartPhone Pocket and after about 3 minutes I had installed it on the inside of a hoodie.  Installation was quick and easy, requiring an iron and a hardish surface.  The pocket seems to be secured snugly and isn’t giving any indication that it’s going to give up any time soon. The pocket is large enough to accommodate an iPhone 5 inside an Otterbox case pretty easily, so that’s pretty impressive….I don’t think this is going to replace specialized gear, but for a cheap easy way to haul around a phone\drivers license\or a couple bucks this is a really neat little idea.”

Read the rest of his review here, if you’d like. Thanks again and enjoy your Smartphone Pocket, Tony!

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