The Smartphone Pockets Story

smartphone pocket

You’ve read about Smartphone Pockets here, you know that you can buy them here and find find iron-in instructions here, but do you know the story behind the Smartphone Pocket?

It all began when we noticed that most pants and shorts designed for active lifestyles (track shorts, yoga pants, etc.) don’t have pockets large enough to hold a smartphone. We wanted to keep our phones close at hand while working out, running, biking, and enjoying the outdoors, but we didn’t want to carry our phones in our hands or take along a bag or backpack. And sticking our phones in our waistbands and hoping they’d stay put (who hasn’t tried this?!) wasn’t exactly working either.

So we created the Smartphone Pocket. And soon we realized that it could be helpful to anyone with an active lifestyle–not just athletes and fitness gurus but students, parents, and professionals: anyone in need of an easy, hands-free way to store their smartphone. And we’ve found that people like to use the Smartphone Pocket to carry other things, too–keys, cash, credit cards, driver’s licenses and other on-the-go necessities.

Now we know college students who wear their Smartphone Pockets all over campus; parents who wear theirs while doing everything from laundry to grocery runs to school pick-up; and elderly people who feel more secure with their phone always close and accessible.

We love hearing from customers! Contact us to tell us how you’re using your Smartphone Pockets.

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